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Mazunte English


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Mazunte awaits on the Oaxacan coast. Its promise of sand, sun, and sea is more than met. When entering this coastal community, you will be welcomed by thatch-roofed palapas turned into restaurants, little hotels–many ecological–and buildings made with natural materials such as wood, adobe, and palm fronds.

Here, where the ocean warms your feet, is the place turtles come back to year after year.

Take a Hridaya Hatha Yoga class in the eponymous center.

Sleep in a teepee in the middle of nature in El Copal hotel.

Support local communities by buying natural products.



Witness the amazing nighttime arrival of olive ridley sea turtles that come to lay their eggs on its beaches (from June to December).

Foto: Gwen Cervantes

Visita el Centro Mexicano
de la Tortuga

The Mexican Turtle Center is a center, aquarium, and research institute that shelters all five sea turtle species inhabiting Mexico, plus two land species and 16 more that live in fresh water.

The center will teach you about the importance of conserving turtles in their habitat and how they operate turtle camps where these creatures nest. Find out about the requirements for participating in their volunteer programs–you could become a watchdog for these magnificent reptiles.


The Crocodile Preserve is part of the Centro Ecoturístico La Ventanilla (La Ventanilla Ecotourism Center), and is staffed by the community members. They care for protected species until they reach adulthood and can be released. You can also visit a nursery that supports mangrove reforestation. If you are charmed by the natural surroundings, camping is allowed.

Take a Boat Ride and Explore the Mangroves

Ventanilla Lagoon is a one-of-a-kind ecotourism experience because it is here that the secrets of the mangroves have been revealed. A boat ride through the lagoon will carry you across the dark, quiet water tinged with blue, gray, and green hues. You will spy birds perched on red and white mangroves.

Contemplate the Pacific Ocean

The Magical Town of Mazunte is a fishing village where you can re-connect with the wonders of nature. When you wake up here, a blue sky, warm weather, and the soft sound of the waves await.

You don’t have to wait for any specific time to enjoy the ocean views, just choose where to stop and gaze out at the horizon, listen to the waves, and let the Pacific carry you away.

Enjoy the Sand and the Beaches

You have to walk the sand on all its beaches: Mermejita, San Agustinillo, La Ventanilla, Agua Blanca, La Escobilla, and Cerro Sagrado. This last one is special because you can spot humpback whales here between December and March.

Festival Internacional
de Jazz

Pure jazz and fusion jazz and rhythms such as trova, reggae, and rock are all part of the sounds of this festival. Held the third week of November as part of the Semana Nacional por la Conservación (National Conservation Week), it lasts for three days. It lets local musicians, regional cuisine, and handicrafts shine, and there are a range of activities focused on environmental conservation

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