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Santa Catarina Juquila English


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In the midst of the rugged, stunningly beautiful Sierra Madre del Sur mountains sits Juquila, the place where the Virgin Mary chose to respond to the pleas of the devout who steadfastly and hopefully sing, dance, play music, and bring all kinds of gifts for her.

Walk the Sendero de Fe (Path of Faith).

Make bread and traditional candies.

Visit the natural areas.

Visit the Santuario de la Inmaculada Virgen de Juquila church.

Conoce el Santuario de
la Inmaculada Virgen de Juquila

Built in the 18th century and restored in the 1930s after an earthquake, this church that houses the miraculous image of the Virgin of Juquila is an example of late Spanish baroque style.

Despite its religious importance, the church is modest in size, so the interior does not have pews–this way more of the faithful can enter.

No matter what time of the year you visit the sanctuary, you will see numerous pilgrims dressed as saints or walking on their knees to the altar. The bells ring nonstop, and the sound of hymns can be heard even outside.

Chorro Conejo Falls

Chorro Conejo is a natural waterfall measuring 98 feet high and formed by several streams that run through the municipality. Its three natural pools are ringed by pine forests. In addition to observing the falls, picnicking is allowed in the designated area.

Visita la Capilla de Veladoras

Adjoining Santuario de la Inmaculada Virgen de Juquila church is the Capilla de Veladoras. Translated as Chapel of Candles, this chapel is very meaningful because its niches symbolize the path and the stops along it that pilgrims must take to arrive at their final destination on the Ruta de la Fe (Route of Faith).

Another space that holds unique emotional and spiritual meaning is the Capilla del Manto de la Virgen (Chapel of the Virgin’s Cloak). This Virgin has a unique set up letting the faithful pass under her cloak.

Visit the Artisan Workshops

If Juquila is proud of anything, it is its crafts workshops–if you go to this Magical Town, you should make a point to visit the woodcarving shops. There are hand-carved figures, especially Virgins. The devout can dress their Virgin and choose among many different accessories, each with a special meaning.

The unique blouses that the Chatina women make by hand are also a point of pride. You can learn to embroider with beads the beautiful flowered designs found on the local clothing. These prized designs are worn by the dance group that participates in Guelaguetza celebrations.

Cool Off in the Río Olla

Juquila has a natural swimming spot in this cool river enveloped in lush vegetation. All you hear is the quiet murmur of water lapping the rocks and the wildlife. Whoever visits this lovely place will find blissful tranquility.

Make Your Own Bread in a Wood-Fired Oven

Country bread is always a treat. And here in Juquila it is no different, but even better–eat bread that you yourself made! If you are interested in this experience, you have the chance to learn about various methods of making bread and all of the varieties produced in Santa Catarina Juquila. You can decorate your own loaf, put it in the oven, and then take it out when it is ready.

Fiesta de la Inmaculada
Virgen de Juquila

The celebration honoring the Virgin of Juquila is the Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception) on December 8th, but pilgrims begin to flood in days before. Festivities involve religious and cultural activities.

As part of these festivities, also called the “Octava de la Virgen” (Eighth of the Virgin), a Guelaguetza celebration is held in her honor. Folk dancing groups from the coastal region and Santa Catarina Juquila come together to put on a show. As in other religious celebrations, there has to be fireworks.

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